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SHS Speech Classes

It is recommended to be taken during 9th grade, but may be taken any year.

1 Credit
Semester Class
Prerequisite: None

This class serves as an introduction to public speaking and interpersonal communications. During the course of the semester, students will learn, prepare, and present six different types of speeches: impromptu, narrative, informative, demonstrative, group sales, and persuasive. Additionally, students will study verbal & non-verbal communication and listening skills as well as propaganda techniques and persuasive appeals. Emphasis will be given to speech preparation/writing and organization in addition to basic presentation skills. Students will also learn valuable research techniques and how to use research to support their ideas. This class is intended to reinforce writing and research concepts studied in English classes. A passing grade is required for graduation from Shelley High School. Please note ā€“ this is a ONE SEMESTER course; please register for only one semester.


Team Debate
2 Credits
Full Year Class
Prerequisite: ā€œCā€ Average in English and teacher approval through application process. Please see Mrs. Curr to apply.
Fees: $75 Pay to Play


*Extra events at tournaments, tournaments beyond the required eight, as well as the National Qualifier tournament will have an additional cost.

**This course will fill the required Speech Credit if taken BOTH semester**

Team Debate & Competitive Speech will teach the critical skill of argumentation and introduce students to the wide world of speech and debate. In addition to the three basic styles of debate: Policy, Public Forum, and Lincoln Douglass, this class will offer instruction on the speech events that are offered through the IHSAA and National Qualifying tournaments. Students in this course will be required to compete at tournaments throughout the year, depending on their level of experience. Novice will be required to attend and compete in two qualifying tournaments per semester, Varsity will be required to attend and compete in eight tournaments for the whole year. *The district and state tournament will not qualify as tournaments for the class. Additional course requirements will include classroom assignments, as well as attendance in squad night the week of a tournament.

Forensic competition events fall into two classifications for the purpose of analyzing how they meet

Common Core State Standards:

Debate and Public Speaking: includes debate events, oratorical, informative, and extemporaneous speaking; requires students to construct thoughtful advocacy about timely issues and challenges.Interpretive Performance of Literature: requires students to synthesize passages from literary selections, and perform their own unique interpretation of the characterization and story to convey a particular theme or message.The benefits of speech and debate education are well documented by decades of research. Students in debate are among the most knowledgeable, well rounded and successfully confident students in the entire school. Taking part in extra-curricular competition in tournaments is expected of all class members. Additionally, a wide range of Scholarships are available for those who work diligently and learn excel in this area. It is very common for the majority of our graduating seniors to be offered various levels of financial aid related to participation in Debate and Speech.


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