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SHS Drama Class

Intro to Acting
1 Credit
Semester Class
Prerequisite: None

This single semester class introduces students to acting and theater arts. Students will learn stage types, different roles in theater production, stage directions, and have a taste of theater history. Additionally, students will learn basic improvisation skills and work in pairs/groups to perform memorized and improvised scenes. All students are required to perform on stage in front of their classmates. Participation and preparation for these performances, as well as occasional written assignments and quizzes/tests, will make up the bulk of students’ grades. The mandatory class fee will pay for in-class projects as well as a field trip to see a play/musical at a local university or community theater each semester (attendance at the field trip is not mandatory, but strongly recommended).


Advanced Drama
1 Credits
Semester Class
Prerequisite: Application/Teacher Approval

In this semester length class, students will continue to build on basics of acting and theater arts education learned in Beginning Drama. These students will study advanced techniques, “The Twelve Guideposts,” from Michael Shurtliff’s Audition (Guideposts 1-6 will be studied first semester, and Guideposts 7-12 will be the focus for second semester). Additionally, students will work in a Project-Based Learning style (scene work, monologues, script writing, stage makeups, etc.) to develop skills and prepare for in-class presentations, competitions, and a mandatory evening performance – one per semester – to showcase their efforts and learning to family, friends, and the community. Participation and preparation for in-class performances, competitions, school productions, along with occasional writing assignments, quizzes, and tests will make up the bulk of students’ grades. Each semester, Advanced Drama students will attend a local university or community theater production as well as participate in local drama competitions (tickets/entrance fees and transportation should be covered by the mandatory class fee). Admission to this class requires an application and teacher approval.


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