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Shelley High School

Shelley High School

Welcome to Shelley High School
570 W Fir St. Shelley, ID 83274
Phone Number: (208) 357-7400 Fax Number (208) 357-5585

Home of the Russets!


Discover your potential…See it, Believe it, Reach it!

You can now purchase your tickets for our school plays online at the MySchoolbucks Website.

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PARENTS! To report an absence please call (208) 357-7400

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Downloadable SHS Schedule

High School Bell Schedule

Revised 05/10/2017
1 (A-B)8:00 a.m.9:18 a.m.
BREAK9:18 a.m.9:23 a.m.
2 (A-B)9:23 a.m.10:43 a.m.
BREAK10:43 a.m.10:48 a.m.
3 (A-B)10:48 a.m.12:06 a.m.
LUNCH12:06 p.m.12:45 p.m.
4 (A-B)12:45 p.m.2:03 p.m.
Home Room Schedule
Tuesday - Friday
1 (A-B)8:00 a.m.9:26 a.m.
NUTRITION BREAK9:26 a.m.9:38 a.m.
2 (A-B)9:38 a.m.11:06 a.m.
LUNCH11:06 a.m.11:44 a.m.
3 (A-B)11:44 a.m.1:10 p.m.
HOMEROOM1:15 p.m.1:43 p.m.
4 (A-B)1:48 p.m.3:14 p.m.

HS A-B Bell Schedule Changes 2017-2018

30 Minute Monring
30 Minute Monday Morning
1st Period8:00 a.m.9:13 a.m.1st Period8:00 a.m.9:09 a.m.
ASSEMBLY9:18 a.m.9:48 a.m.2nd Period9:14 a.m.10:24 a.m.
2nd Period9:55 a.m.11:06 a.m.ASSEMBLY10:29 a.m.10:59 a.m.
3rd Period11:04 a.m.12:14 p.m.
46 Minute MorningLUNCH12:14 a.m.12:53 p.m.
1st Period8:00 a.m.9:05 a.m.4th Period12:53 a.m.2:03 p.m.
ASSEMBLY9:10 a.m.9:56 a.m.
2nd Period10:10 a.m.11:06 a.m.45 Minute Monday Morning
1st Period8:00 a.m.9:06 a.m.
32 Minute Afternoon2nd Period9:11 a.m.10:17 a.m.
3rd Period11:44 a.m.1:08 p.m.ASSEMBLY10:22 a.m.11:07 a.m.
ASSEMBLY1:13 p.m.1:45 p.m.3rd Period11:12 a.m.12:18 p.m.
4th Period1:50 p.m.3:14 p.m.LUNCH12:18 p.m.12:57 p.m.
4th Period12:57 p.m.2:03 p.m.
3rd Period11:44 a.m.1:01 p.m.Late start due to weather
ASSEMBLY1:06 p.m.1:52 p.m.1st Period10:00 a.m.11:07 a.m.
4th Period1:57 p.m.3:14 p.m.2nd Period11:12 a.m.12:19 p.m.
LUNCH12:19 p.m.12:57 p.m.
25 Minute End of Day3rd Period12:57 p.m.2:04 p.m.
3rd Period11:44 a.m.1:12 p.m.4th Period2:09 p.m.3:14 p.m.
ASSEMBLY1:17 p.m.1:42 p.m.
4th Period1:47 p.m.3:14 p.m.Early Release Bell Schedule
1st Period8:00 a.m.8:59 a.m.
2nd Period9:04 a.m.10:03 a.m.
3rd Period10:08 a.m.11:17 a.m.
4th Period11:12 a.m.12:10 p.m.
Changes to the High School Bell Schedule depending on what is going on that day. Either a later start due to weather or changes due to an assembly.


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