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Riverview Principal’s Corner

Mr. Ben Lemons Pricipal Picture
Mr. Ben Lemons – Principal

Welcome to Riverview Elementary!

We are always excited for a new school year.  Riverview is a third and fourth grade center where teachers care and kids count.  Our goal is to grow your child in every way – mentally, emotionally, and socially.  Our staff is highly qualified and ready to take your child to their highest potential.  We understand for your children to meet their highest potential, we must work together, as a team.  Parental involvement is highly encouraged at our school.  We are a student and parent friendly building, so feel free to stop by anytime.  My door is always open!

I have included some handy school information and links on the web-page for you to learn more about our school and expectations. Thanks for visiting!

Mission Statement

To develop a strong foundation to become capable citizens

Teachers, parents, and community join together to provide the necessary knowledge and skills in a positive, safe, and cooperative environment.  It is our goal for each child to reach their highest potential by stressing accountability, having high expectations, and instilling a desire for lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

We envision students participating in a safe, positive learning environment dedicated to improving their lives through acquiring knowledge.  Each child will receive respect, encouragement, and the opportunities needed to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a changing society.

Value Statements

  • Have high expectations for all students-set the bar high!
  • Use a set of common goals to guide our efforts and planning
  • Respect diversity and appreciate all students have unique abilities and skills
  • Recognize and celebrate excellence in effort and behavior of students and staff
  • Increased stakeholder involvement especially parents is critical to student learning and the school improvement process
  • Believe all students can and must learn
  • A well-ordered environment based on respect, trust, and encouragement
  • Working together, as a team, to learn, share, and reflect on current practices, student learning, and new techniques and programs
  • Open, honest, and two-way communication between all stakeholders
  • School wide decisions and priorities must revolve around the guiding principles of continuous student learning, continuous school improvement, and what is best for kids

School Motto

Respectful, Kind and Hardworking – The Riverview Way

Our 3 Big School Rules

  1. If it is not nice, don’t say it!
  2. If it is not yours, don’t touch it!
  3. Work hard in the classroom, so you can play hard on the playground – Work first, Play second!

Behavior & Consequence Information

Riverview Elementary subscribes to the Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) system which states that rewarding and reinforcing positive behavior is more effective at changing behavior than a system based solely on strict discipline and consequences.

PBS has been shown to be effective at changing inappropriate or maladaptive behavior and bringing about sustainable and positive changes.  Our goal is to teach students to self-monitor, think before they act, have empathy for others, and be willing to be held accountable for their actions. This coincides with our school’s mission statement of developing a strong foundation that allows students to become capable citizens.

Each teacher is expected to have positive behavioral supports within their classroom management plan as well the school system as a whole.  We developed a chart that outlines behaviors and subsequent consequences that our school system uses when dealing with inappropriate behaviors; the behaviors and consequences build in severity and scope from Class 1 to Class 5.

It should be noted that during the investigation and resolution of any unwanted behavior, each child will be treated with respect and their dignity upheld at all times at Riverview Elementary.

Behavior & Consequence Description

Conflict Resolution and Bullying

Kelso's Choice & Upstander

Students are taught conflict resolution through a program called Kelso’s Choice. The program highlights 9 different choices students may use when addressing conflict with others such as:
- Go to another game- Talk it out- Share and take turns
- Ignore it- Walk away- Tell them to stop
- Apologize- Make a deal- Wait and cool off

Students are also taught to identify problems that are minor and problems that require immediate adult attention – tattling versus telling. Kelso’s program encourages students use two of the strategies before involving an adult.  The program is effective at teaching students strategies to start managing “their” relationships and world.

We subscribe to an anti-bullying program called Upstander.  Upstander has exploded on the scene the past few years due to its simple language and easy to understand four steps – Be a buddy, Interrupt, Speak out, and Tell someone.  Students will be explicitly taught the four steps and be able to see the four steps in practice during assembly type activities.

Parental Involvement Plan

We strongly encourage parental/guardian involvement in our school.  If you are able to volunteer in the classroom or sit on any or our school committees (PTO, School Improvement), please let your child’s teacher or me know. I have linked our yearly Parental Involvement Plan for you to examine. Please note that some dates are subject to change.

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