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School Lunch Menu’s

School Lunch Information

From the drop down menu above you will be able to select your child’s school and click on the link for their menu for the month. The menu is downloadable and printable to keep at home to know what your child will have for that lunch that day if you have signed up and put money into their account.

It is important to keep money in your student’s meal account. Payments may be made at the schools food-service, or paying online through It is deposited into your student’s personal food-service account. This is not a charge account. If your student has a negative balance you will receive a courtesy call from our food-service department or a reminder note sent home with your student. You are always welcome to check the balance of your students account by contacting your students school food-service cashier or by visiting You will need your student’s ID number to register and access their account.

Here is a downloadable version of the 2018-2019 Meal Prices from below if you want to download it and keep it somewhere. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and download and print this page. If you do not have this installed you can find the link to download and install this on the right side ofi the page under Miscellaneous links.

Shelley Meal Prices for 2018-2019


Breakfast PricesLunch Prices
Elementary Student $1.60Elementary Student $2.10
Secondary Student $1.80Secondary Student $2.35
Reduced Student $.30Reduced Student $.40
Adults $2.35Adults $3.95
Breakfast and Lunch Prices

2018-2019 School Meal Prices Totals

Below you will find a total for lunch for the year and from The Beginning of School to Spud Harvest and from Spud Harvest to Christmas.

The prices below will be broken down by Elementary and Secondary schools.
BREAKFASTFull PriceReduced
YEAR167 Days$ 250.50$ 50.40
22 Days to Harvest$ 33.00$ 6.60
73 Days to Christmas$ 109.50$ 21.90
LUNCHFull PriceReduced
YEAR164 Days$ 328.00$ 66.00
22 Days to Harvest$ 44.00$ 8.80
71 Days to Christmas$ 142.00$ 28.40
BREAKFASTFull PriceReduced
YEAR167 Days$ 283.90$ 50.40
22 Days to Harvest$ 37.40$ 6.60
73 Days to Christmas$ 124.10$ 21.90
LUNCHFull PriceReduced
YEAR164 Days$ 369.00$ 66.00
22 Days to Harvest$ 49.50$ 8.80
71 Days to Christmas$ 159.00$ 28.40
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