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Child Nutrition Contact Info

Child Nutrition Contact Information for Shelley School District

If you have any questions regarding the lunch program at Shelley School District 60, you can contact our Food Service/Child Nutrition director below.

You can also contact any one of the Kitchen Managers at each school concerning the school lunch program or any questions you may have regarding that schools lunch program.

Child Nutrition/Lunch Program Contact Information

Staff MemberJob DescriptionPhone Number Email Contact Info
Barbara PearsonFood Service/Child Nutrition Director(208) 357-7435Email Mrs. Pearson
Chelsea DuncanFood Service Assistant(208) 357-7435Email Mrs. Duncan
Natalie WellsHigh School Kitchen Manager(208) 357-7453 ext. 927Email Mrs. Wells
Tammy MartinHobbs Kitchen Manager(208) 357-3335Email Mrs. Martin
Heather GonzalesStuart Kitchen Manager(208) 357-5548Email Mr.s Gonzales
Maria CampbellRiverview Kitchen Manager(208) 357 2392Email Mrs. Campbell
Alva OttleySunrise Kitchen Manager(208) 357-7681Email Mrs. Ottley
Contact information for our Child Nutrition Director and her staff as well as the kitchen managers at each of our schools.
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