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About Shelley School Dist 60

Shelley School District Mission Statement:

Prepare Today’s Students to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

Shelley School District Beliefs:

  • Children are our community’s most valuable asset.
  • A relevant, meaningful, rigorous curriculum should guide instruction to ensure all students show measurable progress and reach their optimum potential.
  • Students, parents, teachers, and the community are partners in the education process.
  • Education should reinforce work ethics and character development.
  • Everyone in the school community deserves dignity and respect, and should be valued as an individual
  • Education is an on-going process that requires continuous evaluation and responsible change.
  • Schools should provide a climate that is safe, clean, and inviting.

Shelley School District Vision:

  • We see a school district in which all students receive a quality education – emphasizing skills, knowledge and character development that enable them to reach their potential and become contributing members of society. Our schools will produce responsible, productive students capable of adapting to a changing, diverse world.
  • We see a school district in which all employees continue to improve their skills, knowledge and procedures to meet the needs of all learners. We will provide and environment that dignifies the individual, focuses on rigorous and relevant instruction, and encourages continuous improvement. We will work as a team to establish a safe, clean, inviting atmosphere within facilities that are conductive to quality education.
  • We see a community of well informed citizens who support educational excellence and work in partnership with the school community to achieve quality educational results for all students.
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